Five Tips To Getting Over Your Fear Of The Dentist


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Is there any profession that brings out peoples fear more than the dentist? There is a reason “Little Shop of Horrors” casts a dentist as the main villain (Steve Martin is excellent in the movie, btw).

Steve Martin LSH Dentist

These fears can be brought on by different issues ranging from childhood experiences, to a lack of control while sitting in the dentists chair. Whatever the issue might be, here are some tips to help you overcome your fears and help your smile become the brightest it can be.

  1. Find a dentist you trust

Overcoming a fear of the dentist all starts with trust. Ask friends and family if they have a dentist they like. If you can’t find a recommendation from someone, try Once you find your dentist…

  1. Explain your fears

This information will help your dentist determine the best course of action to help you manage your fears, will build a trusting relationship and help you feel more in-control when in the dentist’s chair.

  1. Deep breathing

There are many breathing exercises that can help relax you. If those don’t help, you might ask you dentist about…

  1. Additional medication to help relax

Many dentists recommend nitrous oxide, sedation or anti-anxiety medication for nervous patients. Talk to your dentist about these options to see if it might help.

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

The more you go, the more you’ll get used to the sites and sounds. Just regular check ups and cleanings will also help prevent issues that might lead to other, more painful procedures, which could cause more anxiety.


The Tooth Friendly Kitchen – The Milkshake


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Is there anything more quintessentially American than the milkshake? Sure, there is the apple pie, but how many people eat a burger at their local drive thru and wash it down with an apple pie. Not too many, I would think. You can’t stick two straws in an apple pie on a date. Well, you could, but I doubt that date would last too much longer after having done so.

So my vote goes to the milkshake.

Strawberry Milkshake


But are milkshakes tooth friendly? Milk has calcium, that’s good for teeth, right?

Well, although calcium is good for your teeth, that calcium rich milkshake is also made with sugar-loaded ice cream. And, of course, sugar is the arch-nemesis of a healthy smile. But don’t fret, here is a recipe to help you keep your smile and eat your shake too.

Strawberry Milkshake


  • 2 cups Milk (Almond, soy or coconut milk works for our non-dairy friends)
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon unprocessed honey (Manuka honey* is best)

How To:

  • Let the strawberries thaw slightly. (Just a couple of minutes out of the freezer)
  • Place everything in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth
  • Pour into glass with two straws
  • Throw away apple pie

Prefer a chocolate shake? Replace the strawberries with two frozen bananas and add 2-3 teaspoons of cocoa powder (depending on how chocolaty a shake you like.)

*We’ve talked about Manuka honey in the past. It is an unprocessed, raw honey from New Zealand that has anti-bacterial properties and helps suppress microorganism growth. Microorganisms that eat sugar and produce acid that leads to dental caries!

The 3 W’s to Ask When Getting Cosmetic Dentistry


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To the many people whose smile doesn’t embarrass them, cosmetic dentistry is barely an after-thought. Outside of the occasional teeth whitening, it’s nothing needed. But for some, a smile is cause for embarrassment; a hand across the mouth covers up laughter. There is a constant need to hide. For those people cosmetic dentistry can be life altering.Ashamed of Smile

There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry, anything from a simple teeth whitening to fixing an overbite. Of course, when there is such a wide array of things that can get done, there will be a lot of questions. To help put your mind at ease, here are the “Who”, “What” and “Why” questions you should ask before deciding on a procedure.

Let’s start with…


This is an important question as cosmetic dentistry is not an officially recognized specialty within dentistry. So looking for a doctor that has an accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is a good start. To get an accreditation a dentist must complete a written examination, document five specific types of clinical cases, participate in continuing education classes, and pass a final oral examination.

What to Ask?

Once you find an accredited dentist, the AACD recommends that you ask for the following items before undergoing treatment:

Before and after photos. These photos will allow you to examine the results of other patients being treated by the dentist to make sure his or her work fits your dental needs.

References. References allow you to get a sense of the quality of care the dentist provides.

Proof of continuing education. Be certain that your dentist has taken continuing education courses to keep him or her up-to-date with the latest techniques in clinical cosmetic dentistry.

Once you find the perfect dentist, learn about the benefits and risks, and what you can expect during the process. Make sure you’re clear about:

      What it will cost?

      How much experience your dentist has with the procedure?

      If there is any special maintenance needed afterwards?

 Answering these questions will lead to, probably the most important one:

Why Am I Doing This?

Ask yourself:

        How will these treatments benefit me? 

        Do the costs outweigh the benefits?

These are important questions to ask when you are deciding on what could be, pricey fixes. Your dentist will be able to help you decide if a treatment will really enhance your quality of life or if it will just add a huge bill to the pile.

Your smile is your calling card on the world. A confident one will imprint itself on the people around you. If you have decided to learn more about enhancing your smile, having these questions answered to your satisfaction will help you to build trust in your doctor and help you relax with your decision. Soon you’ll be brightening the world with your new smile!