DentalXChange’s #StrongerTogether Campaign


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The safety of patients and staff is the first order of business for dentists to open their practices. Unfortunately, many offices are short in safety supplies such as respirator masks, gloves, shields and more. Such items are required and highly needed for practices to get back to treating patients.

To help with the high demand of safety supplies, DentalXChange is offering a promotion to dental practices, while supplies last.

When a practice adds a new paid DentalXChange service they will receive ten KN95 masks. 

DentalXChange will also donate ten KN95 masks to one of their non-profit partners, in need of supplies and support 

“Your purchase helps us to donate masks to our partnered charities that are in desperate need of safety supplies.” You can read more about the promotion here.

DentalXChange has been the leading provider of online services since 1989. They have been in the forefront of providing easy to use, time saving services that can be used anywhere, at home or office. Services such as ClaimConnect, Real-Time Eligibility, E-Patient Statements and Patient Credit Score Service, in addition to others, help process patient services without the presence of the patient.

Soon, dental practices will be heading back to seeing patients in their offices. We believe respirator masks, which are in high demand and are difficult to find, will be an important part of keeping safe while treating patients. This also means that more than ever, non-profit organizations that depend on support of the community, will also be needing safety supplies which will not be easy to find.

DentalXChange has been partnering and supporting various non-profit organization through the EHG Fund, since in 2007. The EHG Fund focuses its attention on helping raise a new generation of peacemakers, humanitarians, ambassadors, altruists and vision seekers, qualified to inherit the world.

Their philanthropy is funded through private contributions from clientele, staff and others who feel their causes are worthy. The EHG Fund is a 501 C 3 charity in the State of California and contributions are tax deductible. All donations and resources go towards assisting institutions and programs focused on aiding individuals in the areas of education, healthcare and human services.

If you would like more information or want to learn more about DentalXChange, please click here.

Daily Dental Hygiene to Stay Healthy During COVID-19


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We are in the middle of our second week of the COVID-19 isolation and most dental practices around the country are only open for emergency cases. It is now imperative to get into a healthy tooth care regiment as you probably won’t be able to see a dentist for some time. We talked to Dr. Ian Rodd, D.D.S. and he gave us some Do’s and Don’ts to help keep your smile healthy and white, while your dentist and his team are in isolation.


– Brush your teeth

Twice a day for a full two minutes each time. It seems simple enough but most people don’t meet the two minute requirement. You’ll also want to use a soft bristle brush. Anything harder can wear away enamel and damage your teeth and gums. Don’t forget to turn the water off while brushing!

– Floss

Floss once a day. It’s easy and quick to do and will help clean your teeth more thoroughly than just brushing. Here is how to do it: How to Floss

Scrape your tongue daily

This is a great way to get rid of unwanted bacteria as well as freshen your breath.

– Gargle after meals

Gargling with an over the counter mouthwash is the best, but most of us don’t carry around a bottle of Scope everywhere we go. Just a simple rinse with water is a good substitute if nothing else is available. When available add salt to lukewarm water to gargle as a disinfectant.

– Check your mouth and throat for any changes

Many features of your mouth that may appear unusual are natural parts of the oral cavity. However, inform your dentist of any NEW changes that appear like lumps, bumps, ulcers or if you have bleeding gums.

Most of the time, stress or changes in your environment lead to these issues and they are not of huge concern. But in some cases it can be an early warning of something more serious. A simple call to your dentist to describe what is going on can help ease your fears of anything more serious.


-Don’t brush too often and don’t use a hard bristle brush

Too much brushing with a hard brush can lead to irritated gums, followed by gum recession. It is also too much for the surface enamel that protects the teeth. Brushing too much with a hard brush or too hard with a soft brush can scrape away the surface of the tooth leading to a yellow smile and sensitive teeth. It is sufficient to brush twice a day for two minutes each time, using a soft bristled toothbrush.

– Don’t eat sugar in excess

Sugar promotes bacteria growth. So stay away from high sugar foods and beverages (e.g. candy, soda and fruit juices).  If you are a candy lover, try to find some sugar free alternatives. Don’t forget to wash your mouth after eating sweets and if possible substitute sugary foods with more fresh fruits like apples or pears that help clean teeth as you chew.

We’d like to thank Dr. Rodd for his help! If you keep to these do’s and don’ts, your smile will remain bright and healthy until we come out of isolation (which we hope will be soon). And once this is all over visit your dentist, it will be time for a checkup!


Don’t Let Your 2020 Dental Benefits Lapse!


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So 2019 has come and gone and you forgot to use your dental benefits. It’s frustrating! It feels like you threw money away, which you kind of did. So how do you avoid making the same mistake this year?

Here are some tips for using your 2020 dental insurance benefits:

 – Frist, if you don’t already have a dentist, find out what kind of insurance you have and what dentist is covered in your area. You’ll want to find out, what your deductible is, how much your copay might be and what is covered under your plan. A simple call to the 800 phone number on the back of your insurance card will answer any questions you may have. You can also call your dentist and they will be able to find out this information for you.

– Most plans pay for preventive visits. It’s a good idea to schedule one as early in the year as possible. This way you and your doctor can talk about what your dental needs are and plan your year out accordingly. You’ll be able to set appointments for future care, plus, starting the year out with a bright white smile is always nice.

-Once you have a plan for your yearly dental care, you’ll be able to budget accordingly and hopefully have a happy, healthy holiday season at the end of 2020 without having to worry about your lapsing dental benefits.

If you don’t have one, try using to find a great dentist in your area!