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Giving things other than candy on All Hallow’s Eve is asking for trouble. From the classic house egging to trees covered in toilet paper, no one wants the trick side of the trick-or-treat. If you do find yourself feeling that candy is too unhealthy and you’d rather hand out something better to the children of your neighborhood, here are some alternatives to candy that will help kids keep their smiles bright.

Stickers – Anything from the latest animated movie to something fun and spooky, kids always love stickers.

Glow sticks – Kids go crazy for glow sticks. Plus, They help kids to be more visible as they go house to house, helping them to stay safe at night. They are also cheaper than candy.

Pencils/ Pencil toppers – Okay, so this borders on school supply, but what kid doesn’t love a fun pencil? Maybe it will inspire them to do more homework… sure, why not.

Gum – Isn’t gum candy? Sure, but chewing sugar-free gum can act increase saliva, helping to reduce acids and reduce tooth decay. Just make sure that you’re handing out sugar-free gum and then you can give out “candy” and not have your house egged!