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Maybe it’s the shows I watch? Maybe it’s the fact that men are becoming more concerned with aging? Either way, every night I see more and more commercials for anti-aging solutions. People are obsessed with countering the effects of aging and will pay whatever it takes to stay looking young. But are people putting their money in the right place?

Well, if people are putting their money towards Botox, hair dyes and plastic surgery… No.

A study done by Kelton on behalf of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, found that Americans believe a smile is the one feature that will always remain the most attractive no matter how old we get.

According to the study, 45% of those surveyed think that a person’s smile can defy the affects of aging while eyes come in a distant second at 34%.

“The fact is, we are living in a time when it is possible to turn back the clock and improve some of the physical impacts of aging,” said Dr. Ron Goodlin, AACD president. “With that, we find that our dental patients, both men and women of all ages, see a major improvement in their confidence levels which impacts every part of their lives.”

An overwhelming majority (80%) of adults admit they would spend money to hide or correct aging flaws. Women are more likely than men (84% vs. 75%) to invest in improvements and, surprisingly, these women would pay to fix their teeth before they would pay for weight loss help (63% vs. 49%).

Perhaps speaking from experience, 54% of those surveyed over the age of 50 attest that a smile is the feature that can overcome decades of birthdays most attractively. This is far more than 39 percent of younger counterparts who feel the same.

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