Since the Great Recession hit our country in 2008, people have been looking for signs of recovery.  These signs range from the typical “home prices” and “interest rate increase” to the more bizarre like “How much parents spend on Prom.” A friend recently told me that she can tell when we come out of a recession by counting the amount of personal trainers working at the gym. And as foolproof as some of these signs maybe, I have another one to suggest:

The Tooth Fairy!Delta Dental released its Tooth Fairy Poll showing that the average amount left under kids’ pillows for lost baby teeth shot up more than 15 percent to $2.42 in 2012 from $2.10 a year earlier.

This coincides with economic growth of the country by 2.5% from 2011 to 2012.

“I’m happy to say that the Tooth Fairy delivered encouraging news about the country’s economic recovery in 2012,” said Bill Hupp, a spokesperson for Delta Dental Plans Association.

So next time you have a question about our economy, instead of asking Wall Street, let’s see what the Tooth Fairy leaves under your pillow.