Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on what we find special about our mothers. To recognize all the sacrifices she made, the boo-boo’s she fixed, the tears she wiped away and the smiles she inspired.

In an effort to help recognize Mom, DentistUSA is having a Mother’s Day giveaway. To enter, go to our Facebook page and post one reason why your mom is the best! It could be a childhood memory or something that happened last week. How she stayed up until 2am doing your science project or how she ignored you breaking curfew by 2 hours on prom night*. All we ask is you be creative and heartfelt.

The winner will be decided by how many “likes” your comment receives. So share your post with your friends and family and get as many people as you can to like your Mother’s Day memory! The winner will be chosen on Monday, May 14th and will receive a $40 American Express gift certificate. One runner up will receive a $25 American Express gift certificate. Use them to help make your mom feel special on this amazing day!

Click here to enter!

*These stories may, or may not have been inspired by the writers’ mother 😉