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With wedding season in full swing, we know brides want pearly white teeth to match that beautiful white dress.

You can give the appearance of a whiter smile by wearing brighter shades of lipstick, like red, which really makes your smile pop!

Clinique created an entire line of 12 lipsticks in varying shades aimed at making your smile appear brighter.  Clinique claims, “On application, Clinique’s specially designed lipstick colours create a contrast that brightens your smile.”  These great lip shades might be a less expensive alternative to professional whitening treatments.

If you want long-lasting whiteness, we suggest you ask your dentist if these procedures below will work for you to enhance your smile.

You can always go with Zoom! Whitening, a professional in-office whitening treatment done under the supervision of a dental professional.  This laser whitening procedure claims to brighten your smile by up to 8 shades, which is nearly enough to match a wedding gown!  The average cost is about $500; however, www.DentistUSA.com Dentists often post deals for Zoom! Whitening and other in-office whitening procedures.   The best part about this method:  the busy bride will certainly be able to spare 45 minutes it takes to complete this procedure.  Find a Cosmetic Dentist here.

Another great program that many of our DentistUSA dentists participate in is Free Whitening for Life.  With Free Whitening for Life, dentists are able to offer free, take-home, customizable whitening trays upon completion of dental treatments.  These bleaching trays require 7-10 days of application and can brighten teeth by up to 6 shades.

White strips & whitening polishes are also an effective alternative to many professional whitening systems.  Brides might opt for these, as they’re an inexpensive alternative to the above two methods, and they’re available in most drugstores.  These take home strips and polishes can take anywhere from 7 to 30 days to work and usually brighten your teeth by a few shades.

A brighter, whiter smile that brides can show off

All these are fantastic ways to achieve a brighter, whiter smile on your wedding day.  They range from choosing a brightening lip color to visiting a dentist to find the best medical program for you.

Have you inquired about teeth whitening procedures for your wedding?  Find a Cosmetic Dentist online here!

We always recommend consulting a dental professional before starting any cosmetic or dental treatment.  Please contact a dentist to find out which of the above is right for you, and do your research beyond this before making a decision.  This blog post in no way is to replace medical advice.