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After seeing so many articles detailing why everyone hates going to the dentist, we came up with a list of why everyone should in face love getting their pearly whites checked out.  Enjoy!

1)  The clean feeling after you have your teeth professionally cleaned (without having to do the hard work of flossing!)

2)  Because where else can you sit for an entire hour and watch TV while laying down (we LOVE TVs on the ceiling in dental offices)

3)  You get time off work, because your boss feels really bad making you come back to work after you’ve had work done

4)  Excuse to eat JUST ice cream after you have your wisdom teeth extracted

5)  The ability to become YouTube famous after uploading a post-laughing gas video of yourself online, like David After Dentist.

6)  The great looking staff (do they hire just models?)

7)  The excitement of beating your Temple Run high score, because really, what else are you going to do when sitting in a chair for over an hour?

8)  If you’re a kid, the excitement of getting a post checkup treat

9)  Vicodin prescriptions… enough said

10)  Whiter teeth without having to wait 2 weeks for your over the counter whitening tools to kick inIf you are looking for a dentist, find one near you using DentistUSA.com!  Remember, dentists recommend cleanings every 6 months.

Do you have anything you’d like to add to this list?  Leave us a comment.