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Valentine’s Day, a day of romance, flowers, heart shaped boxes of candy and a plethora of plush teddy bears.  Obviously, you want to look your absolute best for date night, so we have a few tips to make the evening go a bit smoother!

1) Brighten your smile; it is the first thing your date will notice!  We know there isn’t enough time to run to the dentist for Zoom!, so why not wear a bold shade of red lipstick?  Not only is this shade very romantic, but it truly brightens your smile.  A “true” red works best to make your smile appear whiter!   Here are a few tips to choosing the perfect red lipstick.

2) Buy sugar-free mints:  If you’re forced to choose between a salad and garlic butter chicken, go for the latter!  Keep sugar-free breath mints handy and they’ll clear up your garlic breath in time for Valentine’s Day smooches.

3) If you want to enjoy a glass of wine, remember to drink a bit of water after each glass.  This helps wash away the stain causing colors.  (Yes, white wine stains, too!).

4) Enjoy Chocolate –dark chocolate is great for your health if eaten in moderation.  If you do indulge on Valentine’s Day, remember to brush and floss after you enjoy your chocolate.

5) Have fun!  Laugh a little, smile a lot!  Smiling and laughing will automatically improve your mood, so enjoy your date night!  Show off that amazing smile, and have fun!

We hope everyone has a beautiful evening with their loved ones!