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They say if a monkey can do it, you can too.

According to the National Geographic, Long-tailed Macaque monkeys in Thailand not only floss their own teeth but they also teach their young to clean their teeth.  Even without a dentist reminding them that they must floss daily, Macaques living near a Buddhist shrine in Lopburi, Thailand pull out human hair and use these strands as floss.  When they’re not pulling human hair they are known to use coconut fibers and twigs for floss.

Here’s a video clip showing these Macaque monkeys flossing and showing their young how to floss:

So if a monkey can do it, why don’t you?  Did you know that if you don’t floss you miss cleaning 35% of your tooth’s surfaces?  It’s essential that you floss at least one time a day to keep the spaces in between your teeth clean.  If you’re unsure how to floss properly, you can find a dentist on DentistUSA to ask them to teach you flossing techniques.

Do you floss every night?  What brand dental floss do you use?