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We all have those friends who are absolutely obsessed with their dental hygiene, and we also have those friends who might need a subtle reminder.  That’s what holiday gifts are for!  At DentistUSA, we compiled a list of the best dental inspired gifts to give to your friends.

1)  Sonicare Power Toothbrush
Here’s a little something to freshen up your significant others breath for those kisses under the mistletoe.  The Sonicare Power Toothbrush, which retails for $69.99, is the perfect holiday gift!   PS: We found it on Amazon.com for just $37.97.

2)  Toothbrush Sanitizer
For the person on your list who is convinced someone will drop their toothrush in the toilet, a toothbrush sanitizer is essential.  You can get a Ninja or a Rainbow Smiley Face Zapi toothbrush sanitizer which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria for just $35.00.  Germ-a-phobes everywhere rejoice!


3)  Cupcake Flavored Dental Floss
Did somebody say cupcake flavored dental floss?  We couldn’t resist placing this clever item on our gift guide.  Cupcake flavored dental floss is a great alternative to mint-flavored dental floss, and on sale for just $5.59 at Amazon.com, these will make great stocking-stuffers!


4)  Floss Dispenser
Are you tired of the typical floss case?  Give the gift of Otto, the adorable floss dispenser who dispenses floss from his mouth and cuts with his hand! Clever, and just $14 at Amazon.com.

5)  Dental Wall Calendar
For the Dentist (or dental enthusiast) in your life, this unique wall calendar just may be the best gift to keep them inspired all year long.  With witty sayings like “Got Calculus?” and “Got Plaque,” this calendar is sure to make your recipient smile.  For just $18.50 from CafePress, this calendar won’t break the bank.

We hope you enjoyed this list of interesting gift ideas to share with your friends.  Happy Holidays from DentistUSA.com.

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