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Thanksgiving is the time of year that many Americans eagerly look forward to.  There’s the all-important Thanksgiving Feast, family Turkey Bowls, and the excitement of snagging the best Black Friday deals.  We don’t mean to be such a downer, but did you know that your favorite Thanksgiving foods can result in staining your teeth?  Below, we listed three Thanksgiving staples that you may want to avoid this Thursday!


1)  Wine (red or white–they both stain!)
As with most holiday dinners, wine is a staple at the table (…it might even help  ease the pain of listening to your mother-in-law ramble away).  Just be cautious not to get too carried away with your glasses of Shiraz or Cabernet sauvignon!  Wine is notorious for staining your teeth.  Not so festive now, huh?

 2)  Cranberry Sauce

We look forward to homemade cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving Dinner.  This year, we may have to pass on it because its dark color and acidity will result in stains on our teeth…and we’re not exactly fans of yellow or dull teeth! If you can’t resist the urge, simply swish water in your mouth after eating cranberry sauce to prevent the color from setting.  You can also make a dentist appointment for professional teeth whitening post-Thanksgiving so you can be the proud owner of a whiter smile in time for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

3)  Balsamic Vinegar
The first course before the big turkey is usually a salad.  This year, you may want to pass on topping off your salad with balsamic vinegar, as its dark color will most definitely stain your teeth!  For a healthy salad without these side effects, try using lemon juice instead.

If you find yourself in need of a whiter smile in time for Christmas, professional teeth whitening with a DentistUSA.com dentist might be in your future!  Professional in-office teeth whitening (like Zoom! teeth whitening) can successfully make your teeth up to 8 shades brighter and can often be accomplished in as little as one office visit, significantly less time than at-home whitening treatments.  Check DentistUSA.com for dentists offering teeth whitening specials in your area.