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Veneers are a quick way to improve the appearance of your smile, and no one knows this trick better than celebrities.  Here are some photos of celebrities who are rumored to have transformed their smiles with the help of a cosmetic dentist.

Hilary Duff is famous for her veneers.  She even had to have them re-done after
she got major backlash in the media from her veneers being too long and her mouth being “horse-like” (she should have used DentistUSA.com to find a trusted dentist!).It’s hard to believe how much of an impact porcelain veneers can have on one’s career.  Here are photos of beautiful actress Catherine Zeta-Jones before and after her smile transformation.Two-time Academy Award Winning Actor Denzel Washington has veneers to brighten up his famous smile.

Singer, songwriter and fashion designer Jessica Simpson is always in the spotlight, so naturally, she has veneers to make sure her smile is perfect.

Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers admits to having veneers done to make his smile more “Hollywood.”

High school musical star and teen heart throb Zac Efron got his smile made over before he got ultra-famous.  Here’s a before and after look at his smile:


The dazzling Eva Mendez shows off her mega watt smile in this picture.  She can thank veneers and teeth whitening for her smile.


If you want to have the same, dazzling smile as your favorite celebrities, visit a cosmetic dentist.  You can read more about the procedure here, and you can schedule an appointment for a great dentist by visiting DentistUSA.com.