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DentalXChange, an Irvine, Calif. based technology company that specializes in providing online solutions to connect dentists, patients, and insurance companies, has announced the launch of its new website, DentistUSA.com.

The new online tool is free to use, and will connect patients across the U.S. with local dentists while providing a unique system of customizable coupons. These coupons are designed by the dentist to help attract more patients while assisting patients in securing quality dental care for less cost, according to Scott Wellwood, President of DentalXChange.

“As the dental industry strives to continue providing quality care amidst the uncertainty of healthcare costs, everyone is seeking value-added solutions,” said Wellwood.  “DentistUSA.com is a product that delivers that value to both dentists and patients alike.”

Patients who use DentistUSA.com will benefit from click-to-talk connectivity, offering them the chance to talk directly with the office of their choice, schedule appointments and make payments, all online. In addition, patients have the ability to search for coupons by dentist, a solution that will help them find the best possible value for their oral care needs, according to Wellwood.

Dentists will also benefit from the DentistUSA.com features. Automated appointment requests and custom online coupons represent a unique marketing opportunity for attracting new patients.

“The tools we have created for dentists will make it easier for patients to connect to them and in turn help dentists across the nation to attract and retain patients,” said Wellwood.

Consumers can begin searching for dentists in their local area at www.dentistusa.com.  In addition, DentistUSA.com is offering free registration to all dental practices through December 2011.