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In a day where Miley Cyrus’s smile can instantly transform a jagged, uneven smile to perfect pearly whites, it’s very hard to believe that celebrities didn’t always use their wealth to pay for expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures to avoid being a “brace-faced” child or adult.

In a controversial step to correct her smile, it’s rumored that Miley skipped the teenage rite of passage and went right on to veneers and cosmetic dentistry to correct her crooked smile and elongate her teeth.

You might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite (and perhaps the most beautiful!) celebrities also once had braces, just like many of us.

Angelina Jolie can thank her Orthodontist for her beautiful smile.  At age 14 Jolie got braces like many teens to get the Hollywood smile she has today.  We wonder if her six children will go with traditional braces or go the Miley Cyrus route when it comes time for their own dental care.

Another famous face that owes her smile to Orthodontia is Gwen Stefani.  In her No Doubt days, Gwen rocked braces at red carpet events and concerts, showing teenage girls everywhere that wearing braces could actually be cool…. even though Gwen was 30 when she first wore braces!!  It’s not at all uncommon for adults to wear braces–20% of patients wear braces between the ages of twenty and sixty!  Find an orthodontist near you using DentistUSA!

Tom Cruise wore ceramic braces in 2002 to straighten his smile.  Ceramic braces feature ceramic brackets made of composite materials that aim to reduce the appearance of braces.  His braces were nearly invisible, yet still managed to straighten his smile.

If you have a misaligned smile, an overbite, or need that Hollywood smile, you have many options for Orthodontic treatment.

Traditional Metal-Wire Stainless Steel: Conventional braces have wire braces, brackets, bonding material, arch wire, and ligature elastic that help align the teeth.

Ceramic Braces:  These blend in more with the teeth since the brackets are made of ceramic materials resulting in a more “hidden” or inconspicuous appearance.

Lingual Braces:  It’s rumored that Catherine Middleton, Duchess of York, has these braces to align her teeth (she apparently uses Incognito by 3M).   These braces and brackets are affixed behind your teeth, making them invisible to others.

Invisalign:  Invisalign, or aligner type braces are an alternative to straightening your smile without wire braces.  These clear aligners correct your smile in an effective way–but it’s nearly invisible to anyone else!  Though these are possibly the most attractive way to straighten, they aren’t to be used for complex orthodontic cases and we recommend speaking to an orthodontist to see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign.

If you want a more perfect smile, consider visiting an Orthodontist to explore your treatment options.  You can find one here.