Don’t Let Your 2020 Dental Insurance Lapse



Did you know? Only 2.8% of people with PPO dental plan participants reached or exceeded their plans annual maximum.

The majority of dental insurance policies have yearly out-of-pocket maximums that usually cap out at $750 to $2,000 per year. Once that maximum is reached, patients have to pay 100% of any remaining dental costs. But most people (and by most we are talking about 97.2% of people) are not using their full benefits before the end of the year.

So, if you are one of the 97.2% of people who have not used their dental benefits this year, call your dentist today and try to get in before December 31, 2020 because your benefits DO NOT roll over to 2021.

If you need to find a dentist to use your remaining benefits, try looking for one on

5 Tips to Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist


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Is there any profession that brings out peoples fear more than the dentist? Fear of the dentist, or Dentophobia is brought on by different issues ranging from childhood experiences, to the feeling of a lack of control while sitting in the dentist chair. Whatever the issue might be, here are some tips to help you overcome your fears and help your smile become the brightest it can be.

  1. Find a dentist you trust

Overcoming a fear of the dentist all starts with trust. Ask friends and family if they have a dentist they like. If you can’t find a recommendation from someone, try Once you find your dentist…

2. Explain your fears

This information will help your dentist determine the best course of action to help you manage your fears, will build a trusting relationship and help you feel more in-control when in the dentist’s chair.

3. Deep breathing

There are many breathing exercises that can help relax you. If those don’t help, you might ask you dentist about…

4. Additional medication to help relax

Many dentists recommend nitrous oxide, sedation or anti-anxiety medication for nervous patients. Talk to your dentist about these options to see if it might help.

5. Visit your dentist regularly

The more you go, the more you’ll get used to the sights and sounds. Just regular check-ups and cleanings will also help prevent issues that might lead to other, more painful procedures, which could cause more anxiety.

DentalXChange’s #StrongerTogether Campaign


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The safety of patients and staff is the first order of business for dentists to open their practices. Unfortunately, many offices are short in safety supplies such as respirator masks, gloves, shields and more. Such items are required and highly needed for practices to get back to treating patients.

To help with the high demand of safety supplies, DentalXChange is offering a promotion to dental practices, while supplies last.

When a practice adds a new paid DentalXChange service they will receive ten KN95 masks. 

DentalXChange will also donate ten KN95 masks to one of their non-profit partners, in need of supplies and support 

“Your purchase helps us to donate masks to our partnered charities that are in desperate need of safety supplies.” You can read more about the promotion here.

DentalXChange has been the leading provider of online services since 1989. They have been in the forefront of providing easy to use, time saving services that can be used anywhere, at home or office. Services such as ClaimConnect, Real-Time Eligibility, E-Patient Statements and Patient Credit Score Service, in addition to others, help process patient services without the presence of the patient.

Soon, dental practices will be heading back to seeing patients in their offices. We believe respirator masks, which are in high demand and are difficult to find, will be an important part of keeping safe while treating patients. This also means that more than ever, non-profit organizations that depend on support of the community, will also be needing safety supplies which will not be easy to find.

DentalXChange has been partnering and supporting various non-profit organization through the EHG Fund, since in 2007. The EHG Fund focuses its attention on helping raise a new generation of peacemakers, humanitarians, ambassadors, altruists and vision seekers, qualified to inherit the world.

Their philanthropy is funded through private contributions from clientele, staff and others who feel their causes are worthy. The EHG Fund is a 501 C 3 charity in the State of California and contributions are tax deductible. All donations and resources go towards assisting institutions and programs focused on aiding individuals in the areas of education, healthcare and human services.

If you would like more information or want to learn more about DentalXChange, please click here.